By Colm McShane

In 2007 I stated writing. What started out as a suicide note quickly became my own form of therapy. This book is based on childhood trauma, addiction and mental health.

I was born in Belfast in 1981. As a child I grew up knowing only a life forged by The Troubles. I was surrounded by conflict for two decades.

Unfortunately I quickly realised that I faced my own troubles and faced a conflict within myself. I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs at a very young age and all too quickly it became a way of life for me. Instead of school yard tumbles like a lot of my peers around the world I was moving from drug to drug not receiving an education.

This book depicts my journey from childhood to the man that I have become. I hit rock bottom and fortunately got myself back up. It describes my life growing up through the Troubles and my addiction.

I take you on a journey with me through developing an addiction, hitting rock bottom, pulling myself out and finally accepting my troubles and overcoming them.

I am now happily married with three beautiful children but I will never take this life for granted and this book is a reminder to me of how far I have come.